12 Easy Things You Can Do Today to Save Money

12 Easy Things You Can Do Today to Save Money - Girl Counting Pennies

Not so long ago I was drowning in debt and had no idea how to get rid of it. I was living paycheck to paycheck and could just about make minimum payments on my credit cards, let alone pay off my balance in full each month. I was convinced that there was no way I could afford to clear my debts on the salary that I was making until I had a closer look at my spending. This was when I realised I was flushing money down the drain instead of saving it. Whether you are paying off your debt or topping up your savings […]

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How I Paid Off £14,000 in Debt in 18 Months

How I Paid off £14,000 in Debt in 18 Months

Ever since I decided to pay off my debts once and for all and ever since I began blogging about it, I have been dreaming of writing this blog post. I may be a little late writing this since I became debt free in December 2014, but I feel I owe it to this blog to look back and wave my debt one final goodbye. After all, it has been quite a journey… WAKE-UP CALL Back in May 2013, upon returning from my holiday in Spain where I spent my last penny, I found myself in exactly £13,830 worth of […]

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