How I Paid Off £14,000 in Debt in 18 Months

How I Paid off £14,000 in Debt in 18 Months

Ever since I decided to pay off my debts once and for all and ever since I began blogging about it, I have been dreaming of writing this blog post. I may be a little late writing this since I became debt free in December 2014, but I feel I owe it to this blog to look back and wave my debt one final goodbye. After all, it has been quite a journey… WAKE-UP CALL Back in May 2013, upon returning from my holiday in Spain where I spent my last penny, I found myself in exactly £13,830 worth of […]

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How I Began My Journey to Debt Freedom

How I Began My Journey to Debt Freedom - Girl Counting Pennies

My little blog is two months old today, and to celebrate this tiny milestone (why not? who doesn’t love celebrations?) I decided to write a blog post about how it all began. By all I mean my journey to debt freedom and financial independence, and I’ll talk about the baby steps I took to embark on this adventure. MAKE A DECISION I realise now that the most important  thing to do if you’re tired of being in debt is to make a hard decision to become debt free. Once and for all! This may sound easier than it is in reality. […]

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