Sunday Special: My Week in Review #7

My Sunday Special blog posts include my spending report, life and blog related news and updates on any challenges I set myself to accomplish. I try to post them every Sunday to review my week.

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you are having a nice relaxing weekend.

I am still recovering from the cold I caught a couple of days ago. Despite this fact, I managed to catch up with a friend of mine at the trendy Meat Market in Covent Garden on the Saturday night (Yes, I’m enjoying  London’s  dining scene again! Could I be more excited?) and  make an extra £65 this morning by selling one of my possessions! Sniffing and coughing, you cannot stop me!


I cannot believe it is Sunday yet again. Why do weekends fly by so fast? I have got two very busy weeks ahead of me as I will be looking for a place to live. Well… my sister and I will be looking for a place to live along with my best friend. So, it’s the three of us, and we have teamed up to find a perfect apartment. No more sharing with total strangers! It is going to be just the three of us, and we are going to be one happy family! 😛 We have a couple of viewings lined up for the following week and we could not be more excited to start the search for our dream apartment. We are, of course, working on a tight budget. We don’t want to pay over the odds and we are looking for the cheapest (but at the same time the nicest) place to live in central-ish London. Do you think this is possible? 😛


I had secretly hoped to throw £1256 on debt repayment this month to bring my total debt figure down to £9999 (how cool would that be?!), but with the move to a new place this will not be possible! Oh well, I guess it is time for me to admit that sometimes life takes over, and I cannot control and schedule everything that is going on in my life. Sometimes, the unpredictable happens and I just have to suck it up and deal with it. I will still be throwing quite a bit towards my debt as well as saving up for my short trip to Slovenia and Croatia in November and NYC/South America in February next year. Another thing that I need to start thinking about is my trip back to my hometown in January next year. I would like to save up for gifts for my family since this year I will not be celebrating Christmas and NY with them. I have not decided on my gift budget yet but since my family is not very big I don’t think it will exceed £200. I will start saving up next month.


As always, I have been looking after my money this week. I have some spare cash to spend as I please this month, so it’s no surprise I spent some of my money on dining out! Here is this week’s spending report –

Monday, 07 October
no spend day

Tuesday, 08 October
groceries -£5.51

Wednesday, 09 October
no spend day

Thursday, 10 October
eating out -£6.13

Friday, 11 October
medicine -£13.85

Saturday, 12 October
eating out -£12.15

Sunday, 13 October
no spend day

Total: -£39.62

I have not done my usual Sunday grocery shopping today as I still feel a bit poorly and since it is raining outside I decided to stay in. I will probably do my grocery shopping in the next couple of days. Surprisingly, there is still plenty of food in my fridge!

I have to say that I am glad I had more than enough money in my bank account to cover unexpected medicine expenses. I bought the best stuff against cold and flu there is and it felt great to be able to spend this cash without worrying about my bank balance!


I cannot wait to share some exciting news relating to my blog! Make sure to check in on Tuesday to find out what it is! 😛

How has your weekend been?

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  1. How exciting about finding a place to live with both your sister and your best friend! Sounds perfect and I’m sure you’ll be able to find somewhere really nice now that the rent will be split three ways. On another note well done on eating out in London for just £12.15! Was it a special offer menu?

    Really looking forward to your exciting news on Tuesday! 🙂
    Hayley @ A Disease Called Debt recently posted…Friday’s Fab Links #12My Profile

    1. Meat Market is a trendy but a pretty cheap place for central London, and especially Covent Garden. I ordered a mushroom burger, fries and a soft drink. Yummm, it was lovely! Great atmosphere and we waited for about 15 mins to be seated which is awesome!

      Ah yes, I can’t wait to share the news! 😛 Also, I can’t wait to move into a flat that I will share will my favourite people! 😛
      Eva @ Girl Counting Pennies recently posted…Sunday Special: My Week in Review #7My Profile

    1. Correct! I moved in with my sister to her place that she is sharing with 2 other people! We decided we don’t want to share anymore. It happened so that my best friend is also looking for a new place to live so it only made sense to find a place together! 😛
      Eva @ Girl Counting Pennies recently posted…Frugal Feast #1My Profile

  2. Eva, you have done amazing work without spending much. I am so much excited for the news related to your blog. Besides that your travel plan and apartment hunting is so interesting.. Shows your ability of writing and I am thankful to you for sharing this wonderful read.

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