Sunday Special #2: my week in review

Sunday Special

Happy Sunday, friends!

I wrote my first Sunday Special blog post back in June. I’d like to make it a tradition where every Sunday I post my spending report along with an update on any challenges I set myself to accomplish and how well (or not) I am doing in terms of living a frugal lifestyle.

Okay, here we go. My first spending report.

Monday, 15 July
no spend day

Tuesday, 16 July
personal care -£1.72

Wednesday, 17 July
no spend day

Thursday, 18 July
groceries -£3.04

Friday, 19 July
no spend day

Saturday, 20 July
dinner at my sister’s -£2.49

Sunday, 21 July
groceries -£14.21
personal care -£1.00

Total: -£22.46

I’m a happy girl as I think I’ve done pretty well in terms of spending this week. I’ve had 3 no spend days and have not exceeded my £20/week budget on groceries. What’s more, I didn’t feel that I was missing out on anything! I had no desire to go out after work (instead, I was spending my lunch hours in the sun catching up with my colleagues and reading blogs!) and I don’t really eat out anymore. I mean, I do occasionally, but since I’ve just got back from my trip to Italy, I should be spending even less than I normally do.

Let’s take Saturday, for example. Instead of going out to eat, my sister and I made a lovely dinner at her house and had a great catch up. After dinner, we went for a walk in the park and it didn’t cost us a penny! 🙂 Having spent a measly £2.49 on ingredients for our evening meal, I had the most amazing time! Since we both don’t drink alcohol (I guess it is a family thing), our spending tends to be quite low whenever we cook our Saturday meals at home.

As for making some extra money, I’m not doing as great as I should be. I am still to figure out how to sell things on Ebay (I sold one item years ago so I need to refresh my memory on how it works), but one thing I did do to generate some extra cash flow is to increase the rent on the property I own back home. It was about time as the rent that I had been charging was quite low in comparison to the market price. So, I’m a little better off now 🙂

How was you week? Are you on track with your spending?

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  1. Sounds like you are doing great with your budget and keeping on track!

    Reading your blog (and other personal finance blogs), the one thing I don’t quite have is a concrete budget. It tends to be more of a loose budget based around paying the major expenses every month (rent, student loans, utilities) and then using our judgement on whether an expense is an ok expense to take.

    We don’t typically buy anything in terms of toys and gadgets. We will go out for the occasional social nights out with friends, dinners out, etc, but nothing unreasonable.

    Reading about all these budgets makes me think maybe we should have a better plan and set some guidelines on spending vs. having a loose budget and using personal discretion. Thanks for sparking the idea on having a more solid budget!

    1. I think it’s important to understand what type of budgeting works best for you. I know for a fact that I am unable to work around a loose budget, I need to know exactly how much I can allocate on my food shopping, entertainment and other expenses. I have been tracking my spending for a little while and I’ve got a pretty good idea what my budget will look like and how much I’ll have left once all my bills have been paid. If working around a loose budget is something you are comfortable with, that’s great. I would try out different budgeting techniques though to find the one that is perfect for me 🙂

  2. Nice job with all those no spend days!! I’m going great this month with spending, however, my freelance income has been pretty crappy. I’m working, but the checks don’t roll in until later, which means I’ll be overspending this month. 🙁 But that’s how freelance life works. I also have to make my budget super stretch this next week so that’s going to be a major challenge! But Im up for it. Hope you have another successful week!

    1. Thank you! I was aiming for 4 no spend days, but failed miserably, hopefully this coming week 🙂 I have always had an office job and never had to worry about a paycheck at the end of the month so I can only imagine what it is like to be a full-time freelancer. A couple of months ago I could not have imagined I would be living on just over £20 a week (bills excluded, of course) but here I am, happier than ever! 😉 I am confident that you will have a successful week and even if you overspend a little this month I hope you can make up for it next month!

    1. Haha, I’m the same when it comes to food. Apart from my usual Sunday food shop when I stock up for the week ahead, I also pop into the store every now and again to get more food! 🙂 That’s the only thing I spend my money on these days, I try not to eat out and I don’t shop for clothes. I try to do things that are free, such as going for a walk or having a picnic. I also go to the cinema a lot but only because I pay for my membership (£16/month) and I can watch as many films as I want! I love movies probably as much as I love food! 😉

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