Saturday Special #1: Life Lately

Welcome to my first edition of Saturday Special blog posts!

The idea behind these posts is to have a quick overview of my spending halfway through the month to ensure I am not overspending, check how I am doing with my monthly goals, talk about blog news and share some of the best personal finance articles around the web. I plan to publish these blog posts once a month on a Saturday.


My spending was a bit excessive in the first quarter of the year. This is the main reason I decided to start tracking it again. I shared our family budget on the blog last week, and I’ll post my first budget update at the beginning of May.

I am happy to report that since updating our budget and publishing it on the blog, our spending has reduced significantly. I created a spreadsheet for our daily expenses which I update a few times a week. We had two no spend days last week which I’m happy about. I would like us to have at least two no spend days every week – it will certainly help us stay within our budget.

We didn’t incur any significant expenses in the past two weeks and spent very little on entertainment. We bought a few fishing supplies for my partner – fishing is one of his hobbies – and luckily, they weren’t very expensive. We also stocked on diapers for our son while they were on sale. Other than that, we spent on the usual: groceries, transportation and some personal care and cleaning products.


I mentioned last week that setting goals and writing them down is a great way for me to stay motivated and keep my eyes on the prize. I haven’t written a separate blog post about my monthly goals just yet, but this is something I’m planning to start doing soon.

One of my monthly goals is to lose pregnancy weight, eat healthily and work out 5-6 times a week (my workouts last about 25-30 minutes at a time). I must admit that I haven’t been doing particularly well here. In the past two weeks I managed to work out six times – instead of at least 10 – and as a consequence I haven’t lost as much weight as I had hoped to. Although I have been making and eating healthy meals, it is important for me to work out too to get better results. Hopefully, my next update will be more positive.

Another goal of mine is to stay under budget every month, and so far we have done well. Our savings have increased as well which I’m happy about. That said, I want to see a bigger increase come next month. I also made £24.10 last week by selling some unused baby products to a friend of mine who has recently had a baby. I don’t plan to stop – my goal is to start making more money, and I hope I’ll keep doing better each week.


I started blogging again at the end of March. So far I have published the following articles (do check them out if you haven’t done so already) –

12 Easy Things You Can Do Today to Save Money
Our Family Budget Revealed
3 Fun Money Saving Challenges That Will Easily Boost Your Savings
My Financial, Personal and Professional Goals for 2016 – Q1 Update
Goal Setting: 5 Steps to Success

I have also set up accounts on Facebook and Pinterest – please use connect with me buttons if you want to stay in touch.

I don’t have a set blogging schedule. That said, I plan to publish new content 2-3 times a week. You may also find an occasional sponsored post on the subject of personal finance and money management. Additionally, I may publish a guest post now and then. I will only publish content that will add value to my blog and benefit you – my readers.


I’m always on the lookout for something great and educational to read, and when I find it I want to share it! I will usually share between 3-5 articles that I thought were awesome! Below are a few that caught my attention in the past few weeks.

How Many Sources of Income Do You Have? by Joe – It is always interesting to see how people make their money. Not because I am nosy (well, maybe just a little), but because it is an excellent way to learn, get ideas and potentially diversify your income streams.

How Rich Are Your Habits? by Erin – I  enjoyed this post, not only because it made me finally check out a local library I’ve been meaning to go to for a while now, but also because it was interesting to learn about habits that wealthy people tend to have (and start practising them more often!).

11 Ways You’re Wasting Time and How to Change It by Michelle  – I can totally relate to this. I am guilty of wasting time on watching TV programs and using social media websites. My goal is to ditch these habits (or at least to spend less time practising them) and become more productive. What things do you waste time on that decrease your productivity, if any?

When You Find Yourself Surprised at What You Want out of Life by Tonya – I am a dreamer and often visualize the future. I am at that point in my life where I’d hoped I would be one day (I knew I wanted to become a mother one day). Are you where you thought you would be at this point in life?

4 Easy Ways to Save For Your Next Vacation by Lance – It is no secret that I love to travel. I also love the idea of saving money. No wonder why I liked this article so much!

Enjoy the reads and your weekend! How has your April been so far?

Saturday Special Life Lately

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  1. This is probably the first month I don’t feel stressed about my budget. I was not accounting for unexpected expenses the last few months, so the end of each month was ROUGH! Now that I am more honest with myself and my expenses, I’ve definitely relaxed and not gone over budget – and honestly, I have been closer to my LAST budget this month by allowing myself some ‘play’ room than not allowing any fun!

  2. I like the Saturday post and I think it’s a perfect day for these sorts of updates. April has been good so far but has been a bit of a blur. Combine a really busy time at work with gearing up for my book release and I’m just trying to make it to May!

  3. Thanks for all the good reads! Slow and steady sometimes really is the name of the game. I’m at the point where my budget is in the works due to the fact that I have a new job and thus changes that ultimately will have to be made. As much as I want to dive head in there is that little part of me that keeps on saying, hold on.

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