The Perfect Tuscan Getaway

Happy Monday, blogging friends!

First of all, I would like to thank those of you who took the time to comment on my previous post or send a private message. I was touched, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I haven’t been writing on the blog for quite a while. Truth be told, I felt uninspired and lost for words. I didn’t have much to say so I chose not to say anything at all. When I got back to London after my Dad’s funeral in my hometown, I was keeping myself to myself and apart from going to the office and trying to settle back into my daily routine, I didn’t do much at all.

Then one morning just over a week ago I woke up feeling desperate to get away. I took a couple of days off work and started looking for a flight. In the end, I decided to go to Tuscany, one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, and booked my flights to Pisa the very same day. I packed my suitcase and left London the following morning.

Upon landing into Pisa, I made my way to Florence where I booked a hotel for three nights. I spent the first two days exploring Florence, climbing up the Campanile, visiting museums and galleries and taking loads of photos.


On the third day of my trip I hopped on a bus and went to Siena, a beautiful Italian city in Tuscany. It takes just over an hour to reach it by bus from the main bus station in Florence. Siena is also a very popular filming location. Some scenes from the Quantum of Solace and The New Moon were filmed there. Siena’s Duomo (pictured below) is one of the most spectacular in Italy.


The best way to explore Tuscany is by car as you can stop in every little village on the way, but I decided against it as wasn’t sure I could handle driving there. I did regret it a little as the region of Tuscany is spectacular and I would’ve loved to spend more time exploring it thoroughly.

I headed back to Pisa on my last day of the trip and spent some time there before taking a flight back home. I went to Piazza dei Miracoli to take a few pictures of the Leaning Tower and had lunch in one of the restaurants nearby (I was short for time and didn’t want to waste much of it looking for a cheap restaurant, but I was lucky enough to have found the perfect place for lunch where I had a yummy pizza for just over 10 Euros).


My four day trip to Tuscany cost me £405.52 in total, the money I was happy to spend (paid in cash… obviously). To break it down, I paid £129.27 for my return flights to Pisa, £14.25 on a train ticket to Gatwick airport, £150.00 on accommodation including tax and breakfast, and the rest was spent while in Italy.

I know I probably shouldn’t have taken this trip since I am paying off debt after all. I know that I should have allocated this money on debt repayment or put it into my emergency fund, instead my debt repayment will be lower than usual next month and my emergency fund will not see a lot of action. I know… I know. I couldn’t really do much about it. I needed to get away and once I set my mind to go, there was no turning back, I was  going. No regrets whatsoever.

I know it’s the end of May, but I still need to post my April spending report which I will do soon. On May 20th, I celebrated (well, maybe not exactly celebrated, but still…) one year of blogging! I am planning to write about it too. One day soon.

I will not be around much in the next two weeks as I am taking this time off work and heading on my next adventure. Stay tuned 😛

I hope everything is good with you, friends, and life has been kind to you? xo

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  1. Wow! Tuscany looks beautiful and some of your photos almost look like paintings.

    Glad you had a little break. Now I’m curious as to what’s up next. 😉
    debt debs recently posted…Found moneyMy Profile

  2. Yes! I knew that place looked familiar. I love J. Bond. Like Debs said Tuscany looks beautiful, it’s definitely a place I want to visit.
    If I set my mind on going to Italy I don’t think I’d be talking myself out of it either. Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure.

  3. Looks like a nice getaway. I’ve been to Florence twice and much prefer Siena over Florence. It’s like Florence-lite. I only spent about an hour in Pisa since I was waiting for a train connection, but looks like a cute town too. You can’t go wrong in Italy.

  4. Gorgeous pics! What a stunning part of the world – I hope to visit one day. Good on you for acting on impulses and taking a break. You deserve it. And don’t stress to much about the emergency fund – you needed to do something good for you!
    Elesha recently posted…So you think you can write?My Profile

  5. Looks beautiful. I went backpacking in Europe a couple years ago and had a great time. I didn’t make it to Tuscany but I did go to Florence and Rome. The scenery was beautiful and the food was amazing. I’m a huge pizza fan and I can safely say they had the best pizza I have ever tasted. Looks like you had a great trip!
    Dan @ Our Big Fat Wallet recently posted…Why I Always Buy Travel InsuranceMy Profile

  6. Sometimes you just need to recharge – I am glad you did!

    The pictures look awesome. Tuscany has always been on my Travel bucket list. I hope someday I can visit this for cheap =)
    Michelle recently posted…Paying off DebtMy Profile

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