My Financial, Personal and Professional Goals for 2016 – Q1 Update

I wrote down my goals at the end of 2015, but since I have not been around the blogosphere at the time, they never got published. Today I am going to change this by sharing my goals for the remainder of 2016 and my progress so far.

Now, my goal setting strategy has changed a little. In comparison to previous years, I no longer set many goals. These days I prefer to have a few solid goals set that I can focus on entirely. I have one big goal in each of these categories – financial, personal and professional. I break down my big goals into small achievable goals because it helps me stay motivated and determined to succeed. This way I can also track my progress more easily.


My focus in 2016 is on saving as much money as I can. Ideally, I want to add £10,000 to our savings accounts by the end of this year. I am on maternity leave at the moment, and the last maternity payment will reach my account in June. I will stay at home full time to look after my son once my maternity leave comes to an end. This means a drop in income and as a result a lower savings rate. Nevertheless, I want us to push our limits and save £10,000 by the end of 2016. This amount does not include our retirement savings which we keep invested in stocks elsewhere.

PROGRESS: We are a little behind here. So far we have saved £1,820 this year. This is because I had to dip into our emergency fund at the end of last year and take out £1,950 to pay for my dental treatment. We were then busy topping up our emergency fund which is now full again. It is going to be challenging to reach this goal, especially with my maternity payments coming to an end soon, but I want us to try.


My career in corporate travel, which I have been building for the last 11 years, will most likely come to an end this year. My partner and I discussed our future, and we both agreed that I should stay at home and look after our child full time. The idea of putting our son in childcare does not appeal to us at this stage. This means I will have to leave my job once my maternity leave comes to an end in September. I may try to persuade my employer to let me work from home part-time, but I do not think I will have much luck with this request.

As from June, we will have to live on one income. We are not worried about our monthly expenses since my partner’s salary covers them. However, we will not be able to save at the rate we used to. This is why I want to start researching work-from-home opportunities. This will help us meet our savings goals, and will be good for me because I want to continue to grow professionally.

PROGRESS: I have read some articles about work-from-home opportunities. I need to do more research and figure out what it is that I want to put my energy into. I used to teach English in the past, but I am not sure this is something that I am particularly interested in doing now. I need to look more into making money blogging since I have some blogging experience. I may also apply for some part time corporate travel jobs from home. I know a lot of people who do that, and this is something that I can do with my eyes closed since I am highly experienced and have worked in this industry for many years. I am sure that I can find something to work on come September, and in the meantime, I will keep my eyes and ears open.


My main personal goal for this year is to lose pregnancy weight. I have put on a lot of weight during my pregnancy and have not lost very much in the first months of motherhood. I am 5.6 ft tall, and my ideal weight is between 9st1 and 9st4 (~128-132 pounds). My current weight is 11st8 (~165 pounds). My goal is to lose at least 2st4 (~33 pounds) in three months (by the end of June). I am very determined to meet this goal, and I know that with hard work it can be done.

PROGRESS: I started watching my weight and eating healthily at the end of February. I lost 1st2 (~17 pounds) in 5 weeks. I want to keep going at this pace and lose another 2st4 (~33 pounds) by the end of June. I work out at home almost daily, go out for walks with my son every day and eat healthily. I want to write a bit more about my journey to getting fit and healthy after pregnancy, and I plan to do this soon.


Overall, I am happy with how things are going, but I need to put more effort into increasing our savings. My aim is to keep working towards achieving my goals and succeed. I will keep tracking my progress and sharing updates (probably every three months or so).

Have you set goals for yourself? Are you happy with your progress so far?

My Financial, Personal and Professional Goals for 2016 - Q1 Update

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  1. Isn’t being able to make money from home the dream?! I’ve starting writing for Textbroker, which I’m hoping will lead to more freelance writing (my current total payout has been £9.09 which is £9.09 better than nothing). Like you, I’d love to make a bit of cash with my blog but it’s early days. Good luck to you in all your goals 🙂

    1. Thank you Caroline! I agree, £9.09 is better than nothing. You have to start somewhere! I made £24.10 on Tuesday by selling a few Pampers Jumbo packs to a friend of mine who has recently given birth. We had a few of them lying around. I managed to free up some much needed space AND make money along the way! Isn’t it great? 🙂 Good luck to you too!
      Eva @ Girl Counting Pennies recently posted…Goal Setting: 5 Steps to SuccessMy Profile

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