How I Keep Fit and Healthy on a Budget

How I Keep Fit and Healthy on a Budget

I like keeping active and working out. I always have.

Before I got pregnant, I was watching my weight and going for a run almost every evening after work.

When I found out I was pregnant, I stopped running. I knew I could carry on – a lot of pregnant women do – but I decided it would be better to postpone working out until after pregnancy. You know, just to be on the safe side.

I signed up for pregnancy yoga classes held at my local library when I was in my last trimester. I heard a lot of positive things about yoga in pregnancy from my friends and decided to give it a go. Since I hadn’t practised yoga before, I ended up joining a group because I wanted to be supervised to reduce any possible risk of injury. The classes were great, and I don’t regret spending money to attend them.

Other than pregnancy yoga – and my occasional attempts to exercise with a fitness ball at home – I wasn’t doing much else fitness wise.

I was eating pretty healthily throughout my pregnancy but I still managed to gain quite a bit of weight. The first few months of motherhood went by in a blur, and apart from caring for my baby, I wasn’t doing much else. My diet was high in carbohydrates, too. I could finally eat as much chocolate as I wanted, and that’s exactly what I was doing – day and night! Chocolate chip cookies after a night feed were the best!

I finally decided to start working out again at the end of February. My goal was (and still is) to lose my pregnancy weight and get back in shape on a budget.

Here’s what I do to work out and eat healthily on a tight budget.


I wouldn’t dream of joining a gym: it’s expensive, and I don’t want to be away from my baby for too long. I think I may have serious attachment issues and separation anxiety!

Instead, I work out at home. I have a workout DVD that I bought years ago, and I have been using it ever since.

Working out at home saves me a lot of time and money. It takes me one minute to get ready for my workout, 25 minutes to complete it and another five minutes to take a quick shower afterwards. All in all, I’m done in about 30 minutes!

All you are going to need for a home workout are a pair of trainers, workout outfit, a pair of dumbbells (or some weights) and a mat if you’re working on a hard surface.

I bought a set of dumbbells years ago for about £10.00. I use my yoga mat when I do my abs workout. These days, you don’t even have to buy a workout DVD. Instead, you can look up a workout video on YouTube. It’s totally free!

I also have my fitness ball which is proving to be a great investment. I bought it for a home pregnancy workout. These days, my partner uses it to soothe our crying baby, and we also use it often to play with our baby (our son loves it).

Going for long walks with your children is also an excellent way to get some much-needed exercise into your daily routine. We go out walking daily; it also feels great to spend time outdoors now that it’s a little warmer outside and the sun is out.

We all need a bit of motivation to stick with our exercise routine, which is why I created a Facebook group and was joined by other Mums who are trying to lose pregnancy weight and eat right.

We share our progress, support and encourage each other, and publish interesting articles about fitness and healthy eating. This group has so far provided me with great support.


My delicious homemade granola. It's cheap too!
My delicious homemade granola. It’s cheap too!

My eating habits have changed a lot, too. We don’t have any chocolate or biscuits at home – I banned them from our house! Yes, seriously.

Eating right does not have to be expensive either. A lot of people think that it’s expensive to eat right. In fact, this cannot be further from the truth. If you think about the cost of takeaway food or ready meals, you will realise that bad eating habits can cost a fortune!

We don’t order takeaway at all. Everything that we eat is homemade and made from scratch. I cook a lot these days but this is one of the benefits of being a stay-at-home parent – you have all the time you need to cook, clean your house, do your ironing and so on.

I often make a smoothie in the morning as I find it a great and healthy way to start my day. Again, a lot of people think that smoothies are expensive, and although they can be pricey at a health store, it’s relatively cheap to make one at home yourself. Take a handful of spinach, half a banana, half a mango and a cup of almond milk (or water) and whizz it up until smooth. You have just made a delicious smoothie that will keep you full for long for just over 50p!

I also save money by not eating as much meat as I used to. I eat meat about twice a week, usually chicken fillets which are not as expensive as red meat.

If you are looking for tips to reduce your grocery spending, you might want to check out these two articles that I wrote some time ago – How I Spend Very Little on Groceries and 10 Ways to Cut Your Food Bill in Half.


Keeping fit and healthy doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, you can make it as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be.

It doesn’t cost anything to work out at home and saves a lot of time. If you don’t feel like working out at home, go for a walk or a run. You can also take up cycling. Make cheap and healthy meals at home.

So far, I have lost 1st 3 (~18 pounds) in five weeks simply by working out at home and eating healthily on a budget!

What do you do to stay fit and healthy?

How I Keep Fit and Healthy on a Budget

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  1. I wrote about this recently! I love the app economy because you can get a “personalized” plan for much cheaper than usual. I’ve had a great time discovering workout routines online for free or wayyy cheaper than a gym! No need to pay $150 for a fancy yoga place when I’ve found some really cool apps to take you through a workout.

    1. Same here, Tonya. Some produce we buy is organic from health stores, but then other items are supermarket own brands. I think it’s important to find balance, the middle ground, something you’ll be happy with. I continue eating healthily but my food spending dropped significantly in the last month – watching my spending really helps me stay accountable and spend less!

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