The Joy of Spending Money

I was going to write a recap of my trip to my hometown yesterday, but my flight to London got 3 hours delayed due to some technical fault and I ended up getting home really late. I wish I had booked today off and stayed in bed until midday. I am one of those people who need a holiday after a holiday, and once again this proved to be true. Anyway, I am back and I am here to tell you all about my fantastic trip back home!

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, I spent quite  a bit of money. I am going to tell you exactly  what I spent it on, but I should probably warn you that if you feel very strongly about spending money while in debt, you should probably stop reading this post right now. Yes, I broke all the rules and I spent every single penny (well, maybe not every  single penny but you get an idea) that I had saved to celebrate my birthday in style.

Hotel ViewI hope you know me well enough by now to understand that I would not have spent any money if I hadn’t saved the cash first. There is no way I would have got into more debt to celebrate my 30th birthday or any other life occasion for that matter. My plan is to get out of debt this year and to stay debt free f.o.r.e.v.e.r! I’d known all along I would want to celebrate my 30th birthday, so I saved, and then I spent and I didn’t skimp on anything.

So… this is how my trip went.

Upon arrival in my hometown I had a nice black BMW 6 series waiting for me to be collected from a car hire office and driven around town for the next 5 days. You see, I like nice cars, I always have, and I miss driving one.

Hotel SPAI also like nice restaurants so I spent a small fortune eating out daily. Yes, daily both for lunch and dinner. I went to all new restaurants in town (we have three that opened since last summer and this is where “the crowd” is at) and every meal was accompanied by a glass of champagne… or a bottle on some occasions 😉

I also got my Mum her favourite perfume and Coco Mademoiselle for myself. If there is one perfume that I love, this will be it, and I could not wait any longer to get it (I wasn’t buying any fragrances since May last year).

I went to a hair salon twice: to get my hair dyed (it’s been over a year since I had it dyed last time) and to get it curled for my birthday dinner.

Hotel BathroomWe stayed on the 16th floor of one of the nicest hotels in my hometown in a gorgeous sea view room. On the night of the big celebration I ordered three bottles of my favourite champagne into the room to drink with my family of 6 before heading to the restaurant for my birthday dinner.

I had a small private dining room booked in a really nice restaurant for my birthday dinner with the family. The food was gorgeous, the atmosphere was perfect, the service was impeccable and everyone had an amazing time! Seriously, the evening couldn’t have been more perfect! I also got a nice 20% discount of the total bill including alcohol (courtesy of my very good friend who I treated to dinner the next day as a thank you) which was awesome!

Birthday CakeI should probably stress that every single expense was paid for in cash. Not a single transaction went against a credit card. I spent in the region of 1500 Euros during this short trip – cash that I saved to spend and have an amazing time celebrating me turning 30! And you know what? I had  just that – an unforgettable time! I do not regret spending a single penny. I enjoyed  spending it and treating my family and friends because I earned this celebration and it felt great!

Yes, I am only 41% done with paying off my debt but – and my long time readers will remember this – during these last 6 months I didn’t spend a lot on entertainment of any kind and tried to keep it to a bare minimum. The next 6 months are going to be exactly the same (well, my trip to Istanbul and birthday celebrations in London aside) and it’s now back to basics! I had a no spend day today and I cannot wait to throw some cash towards my debt this coming Friday.

I am dying  to show you some photos of me, my new hair and the dress (maybe later when I am no longer anonymous) but right now it’s just going to be a photo of our view from the 16th floor of our hotel room, our amazing bathroom where I spent a good few hours, our swimming pool and a piece of my birthday cake!

I promise that this type of post is a one off, and I also hope I won’t be kicked out of the PF community for publishing it 😉

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  1. Girl it is totally okay to spend a bit of money and treat yourself every once in a while! It was a milestone birthday for you, and you’ve been doing so well with your debt repayment – AND you saved specifically for the occasion. I think you’re in the clear 😉 Hope you had a fantastic birthday – it certainly sounds like you and your family had a wonderful time!
    Kali @ CommonSenseMillennial recently posted…Overcoming Obstacles with Money Using Lessons Learned from the Lord of the RingsMy Profile

  2. You’re banished from the pf community forever! Haha j/k. OMG your birthday sounds so incredible. Sounds like you had a blast. I’m trying to go to Iceland for my 30th birthday later this year, so I’m in the same boat. You should totally email me with the picture of your hair. 🙂
    Dear Debt recently posted…How to Save Money on AlcoholMy Profile

  3. Sounds like a memorable BIG birthday! Well done for having fun & for not maxing out the credit card. I’ve got a big bd coming up next year & i shall follow your fine example & celebrate in style!

  4. Please gather your belongings, and turn in your personal financial blogger badge at the front gate.

    Nothing wrong with intentional spending, within the context of your overall debt repayment goals. If you’re still going to pay off as much debt as you set out to in 2014, then the things you spend on are immaterial. A great birthday experience with family seems like as good a reason as any. Cheers!
    Done by Forty recently posted…How We Used Mental Accounting to Pay Off Our MortgageMy Profile

  5. That sounds like an awesome time! I wish I had done something so nice and memorable for my 30th birthday! I think that since you had saved up for the expenses and didn’t add to your debt that you shouldn’t feel guilty. I really don’t understand why some people feel the need to judge so harshly, you’re working really hard to pay off your debt, you deserve to be nice to yourself, it makes getting to the finish line much easier on your soul 🙂
    Morgaine recently posted…Weekly Spending: Jan 20-26My Profile

  6. Your trip sounds amazing~ After all it’s your 30th birthday. I was not a happy camper when I turned 30. Not that I was having a horrible day or anything, but I felt like it came too fast and I felt old. That kind of negativity didn’t do anyone good, so you were smart in celebrating it in style with your family all with cash.
    Michelle’s Finance Journal recently posted…Snow Storm 101My Profile

    1. Sorry to hear you were not having a great day on your 30th birthday! I look forward to turning 30 and I do not feel old at all. Quite the opposite, actually! I look forward to taking care of my 30-year-old self even more! 😛 Some people say they enjoyed themselves more in their 30’s that they did in their 20’s, and something tells me I will agree with this.. we’ll see 😛

  7. You sure celebrated your birthday in style. Sounds like you had lots of fun.

    One of the problems with how people spend money is that it’s mindless; but you were intentional with all your spendings. In addition, it was all PLANNED for. It’s great that you saved up for your birthday and all the expenses were paid in cash. That’s progress!

  8. You’re allowed to splurge once and awhile. Just because you’re in debt doesn’t mean you have to live like a miser until the balance is zero… I know some people do it, but man… I don’t envy them. I envy their determination, but I think the compromise is worth it, asuming you don’t take an extra two years to pay off your debt, or something.

    Everything looks so luxurious in your pics! Happy 30th!

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