Happy Holidays!

It is finally time to pack my travel bag and get my first class train ticket to Cambridge ready for tomorrow. This is where I will spend the next 3 days of Christmas with my friends. I get travel discounts through my employer so I thought I would treat myself to a first class travel – it’s Christmas, after all! 😉 I will stop by my office tomorrow at around midday as officially I am supposed to be working, but my boss has significantly reduced our working hours which means I won’t stay there long. I will then head to King’s Cross station to catch my train.

I have to admit this little break during Christmas is an absolute blessing. I haven’t been feeling very… inspired lately, and I think a couple of days away from the City will do me good. Yes, I’ve said it – I need a break from London. I cannot wait to see my best friend and go back to Cambridge – this trip is long overdue!

I have managed to stay within budget that I set for Christmas. I have sent gifts to my family a week ago and got a small gift for my best friend. I haven’t been dining out or partying last week so it’s safe to say I am doing great in terms of not spending much. I won’t spend much during the next 3 days either, although we are planning to hit the Boxing Day sales on the 26th of December. That said, I am looking for one thing and one thing only: running shoes. I am also working on a tight budget so wish me luck! 😉

Happy Holidays, friends! I hope you have a magical Christmas with your family and friends filled with joy and laughter!

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  1. Back when I was writing pieces for a Steelers website, my editor gave me a great piece of advice for when I couldn’t think of what to write: get in the car (or in your case, the train) and get moving. Put the laptop in the seat next to you and something will come to you: there’s something about movement that gets the brain going. I’ve found it to be true.

    Enjoy the time out of the city and Merry Christmas!
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