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Due to my two forthcoming trips (both in February), I am really watching my spending this month. I have come to realise that if I want to stay within my grocery budget, not only do I have to be in control of my grocery bill, but I should also meal plan. So today, I thought I’d share what I bought and what my meal plan looks like for next week (note: I am on a low-calorie diet next week).

Here is what I bought today –

grocery shopping


15 eggs                                         £1.35
black olives                               £1.32
Heinz soup x3                         £3.00
smoked salmon                      £3.00
avocado x1                                £1.00
brown bread                            £1.00
low fat yogurt                         £1.40
Nairns oatcakes                    £0.80
lettuce                                          £1.00
bananas x6                                £0.72
clementines x7                        £1.00

Cleaning products

washing detergent x2         £6.00 (on offer 2 for £6.00)
Domestos bleach x1               £1.00
kitchen rolls x4                        £1.38

My total grocery bill (including cleaning products) was £23.97 today.

I eat a bit of salmon these days as my blood test revealed I needed some vitamins that I was not getting. Despite the fact that I always take multi-vitamins, there was still shortage of B12 and omega 3, I think. Anyway, long story short, these days I eat salmon 😛

My meal plan is quite simple for next week.

Breakfast:     a few oatcakes and one boiled egg or  oatmeal porridge and some yogurt
Lunch:              soup with a slice of bread or  smoked salmon salad with lettuce, olives & avocado
Dinner:            a small portion of buckwheat with a few drops of light soy sauce (I happen to love it!) or a tiny portion of rice and smoked salmon salad with lettuce, olives & avocado or a few oatcakes with salmon and avocado

In between meals I usually eat a piece of fruit, some yogurt or 5-10 cashew nuts. I also drink a lot of water and green tea (and occasionally black coffee for breakfast). I also take multivitamins to make sure I am not missing out on any important vitamins and nutrients. Despite my fairly low calorie diet, I also exercise at least 5 days a week for about 20-25 minutes.

I shouldn’t need any more food next week, but if I do, my second grocery bill cannot be more than £6.03 to bring my total grocery spend to £30.00/week. Oh, and my entertainment budget is £10.00 as I am meeting a friend for dinner next Thursday.

Do you have a weekly grocery budget? Do you meal plan?

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  1. You and I eat similar diets. I am mostly pescatarian and enjoy eating healthy. I bike almost every day, except its snowing now so I haven’t exercised in over a week. Ugh! I try to make large meals of quinoa, black beans, tomato, avocado and also garbanzo beans, avocado and lime. So good! I also take iron and vitamin D daily to make sure I am doing ok. Having food already prepared for the week helps so much! It’s too easy just to go out to eat otherwise.
    Dear Debt recently posted…Valentine’s Day and Anniversaries on a BudgetMy Profile

  2. I plan my meals very loosely, but I do try to think about what I’m going to be cooking that week when buying groceries.
    Your grocery looks very healthy. I don’t usually eat breakfast, they all look like breakfast food to me. Maybe that means my groceries are not as healthy. hm…
    Michelle’s Finance Journal recently posted…1 Year BlogoversaryMy Profile

  3. I meal plan, but am a little “floppy” in my meals. There are only two of us, so I generally make sure we have ingredients for four of seven days, and then leftovers become lunches, and other dinners. Then there is always the fall-back of an omelette.

    Tonight we made sandwiches… I made a club sandwich, he had BLTs. Now we have leftover cooked chicken for lunches on Monday. Tomorrow we’ll make a cottage pie, and end up with leftovers for later in the week. Then in a day or two we’ll make fajitas, etc. It works well for us, and gives us a good understanding of what to buy in the grocery store instead of doing a free-for-all – that always ended up with both food waste, and money waste.

  4. I plan meals as I’m on a diet too, but spend waaaay more on grocery. Mainly because I eat more fresh vegetables, would never buy the cheap eggs and don’t buy packaged food at all (so the canned soups although they are cheap, they are not an option for me). I guess everyone has something to splurge on, for me it’s food and beauty items (hello Space NK!). I guess I could save more but still I’m living a confortable life and save SOME (not too much) money. Also I think that being single and renting your own flat is a massive financial commitment in London (unless you live outside of London – which I refuse to do). 🙁

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