How to Create a Travel Budget

How to Create a Travel Budget - Girl Counting Pennies

If you are like me, and travelling is one of your top priorities, you will know all too well that this little hobby is not cheap. Previously, I used to simply go with the flow. If I felt like taking a weekend trip somewhere, I would wait to get paid and book my flights and accommodation the very same day. I had no budget in place. In all honesty, I had no idea how  to budget in the first place. I would pay my bills first, and whatever was left of my salary I would simply spend. In the past […]

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My Recent Travel Adventures – Part Three


Following my decision to stay with my sister for a couple of months to help me pay down my debt faster, I have spent the past few days unpacking and settling in her place. Please forgive me for not being around much. Things are slowly getting back to normal and I will soon have more time left for blogging, something that I really miss. In the meantime, I thought I would write another blog post about my recent travels (you know how much I love travelling and I hope you enjoy reading my travel stories). VENICE (February 2013) Back in […]

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My Recent Travel Adventures – Part Two


I wrote my first blog post from my Recent Travel Adventures series in the beginning of August and today I thought I would continue my travel tales. I celebrated Christmas and New Year back in my hometown with my family. My friends from London flew in on the New Year’s Eve and together we had fantastic celebrations. I flew back to London in mid-January for literally a few hours to re pack my suitcase, and in the evening of the very same day I boarded a plane to Rome. ROME (January 2013) I have been to Rome before and it […]

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My Recent Travel Adventures – Part One


I mostly talk about all things finance on my blog. Today, I thought I would take a little break and dedicate this post to something else instead. You have probably guessed by now that it will be about my travel adventures! Since I am not taking any more holidays until my big trip in February next year, I thought I would reminisce about the places I had visited in the last 12 months. I will do this in 3 parts as there is so much I want to tell and so many pictures I want to show (I realise this is […]

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Travelling vs Paying off Debt

Travelling or Paying Off Debt

I will turn 30 at the beginning of next year.  To me, this is the first big birthday anniversary which rightfully deserves a huge celebration. I have had relatively quiet birthday parties to celebrate turning 18, 21 and 25, but turning 30 has somehow carried a much greater significance. I mean, c’mon, I will finally become an adult, a grown up, and there will be no more excuses that I could easily use in my twenties to justify my occasional shenanigans sometimes childish behaviour. I have been thinking long and hard about the type of celebration I want to have. Do I […]

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Holiday Spending Recap


Has it been over a week already? Time truly flies when you are away on holiday having so much fun! I have had the most amazing time in Southern Italy. I visited many places I have not been to before, tasted the most amazing pizza ever and overall had the most unforgettable experience. I almost cried (yes, really!) when I landed back in London. Surprisingly, I have done well tracking down all my spending. I had a small budget of €100 to spend on entrance to a couple of attractions, food, drinks and souvenirs, and an extra €50 “just in […]

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