Budget Update: April 2016

Budget Update Girl Counting Pennies

Back in April, I shared our family budget on the blog for the very first time. The reason I choose to share our budget publicly is because sharing it on the blog helps me stay accountable and spend less.

Our family budget is fairly strict and there isn’t much wiggle room. That said, we know that we can stay within each category without depriving ourselves of anything.

On Saturday, I finally sat down to add up the numbers for April. Our fixed expenses include rent, utility and mobile phone bills. We decided to spread the costs of our annual bills over the course of 12 months and pay the same amount every month.

Our variable expenses include transportation, baby expenses, food, entertnainment and fun money. Let’s see how well we did in April.

Budget Update - April 2016Transportation:

I am pleased that we only spent £60 out of our £145 transportation budget in April. My partner walked to work and worked from home a couple of times. I walked everywhere and there was no need for me to take a bus, train or taxi.

Baby Expenses:

We spent a bit more than anticipated in this category. We stocked up on nappies as they were half price. The rest was spent on formula, baby food and some items of clothing. Although, we overspent in this category in April, I was able to sell some baby items that we no longer used to a friend of mine – I made a total of £54.20 in April!

Food and Personal Care Items:

It doesn’t come as a surprise that we overspent in the food category. My partner loves his food and eats a healthy diet full of vegetables, fish, meat and fruit. I don’t eat as much meat and fish, but I do eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. Some food items come from a health store and are quite expensive. We also had our friends over and spent in the region of £45 on food. They brought gifts for the baby and a few bottles of wine to enjoy with food.


We spent £57 out of our £100 budget on entertainment. We went out for dinner with my partner and I also had lunch with my friend. Overall, I am very pleased that we were able to come under budget here as ideally I’d like to reduce our entertainment budget to £50 instead of £100.

Fun Money (Mr):

My partner had some expenses associated with fishing, one of his hobbies. Another hobby of his is football, and he had to buy some gear as he plays football with his friends from work every week. He spent a bit more in April, but that’s okay, because he normally doesn’t spend much at all.

Fun Money (Mrs):

I didn’t spend my fun money on anything “fun” as such. A lot of it went towards my visit the dentist to have teeth cleaning. Aside from that, I bought a book and paid for my BoardBooster subscription.

Overall, I am pleased with how April went in terms of our spending. We overspent by £47 which is really not that much. Ideally, I’d like to come under budget but I won’t beat myself up for spending just a little bit more.

How was your spending in April?

You may have noticed that I haven’t been around for just under two weeks. I will talk more about this and the future of this blog in the next few weeks. 😉

Budget Update Girl Counting Pennies

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