5 Ways We Saved Money Last Week

5 Ways We Saved Money Last Week

I am always on the lookout for ways to save money. You see, my maternity payments will stop in June and to top it off, I will not be returning to my office job in September. Instead, I will become a full-time stay-at-home mother.

Whereas I am very excited at the prospect of staying at home and looking after my son full time, I want to ensure we save as much as we can to make our transition to becoming a one-income family as swift as possible.

Our lifestyle is pretty frugal and our spending relatively low. Nevertheless, I try to come up with more ways to save money each week, and I thought it would be fun to start sharing them on the blog from time to time.

This is what we did to save even more money last week –

We stopped buying paper towels

We started using them when our son was born. It’s convenient, and we normally go through about 10 rolls a week. Waaay too many! This means we are £5 out of pocket each week. Although it doesn’t seem like a lot, these costs add up pretty quickly.

We started using regular tea towels again, which saves us just over £20 a month or £260 a year!

We started buying second-hand baby clothes

That’s right, we bought some lovely baby clothes at a charity shop for a few pounds. I have to admit it’s a first for us; we usually purchase new clothes for our son. I decided to give a charity shop a try because I came to realise that buying new doesn’t always make sense!

Our baby grows out of his clothes so quickly that purchasing new clothes every time doesn’t make much sense. Now that we’ve tried it, I am more open to the idea of buying used items from a charity shop. I will say more, a sales lady at my local charity shops knows my telephone number; she promised to call every time they get more boys clothes in!

We started shopping at Poundland

This subtitle is a little misleading because we do shop at Poundland every so often. However, we now stock up on more items at Poundland than ever before. We now purchase bin liners, foil, and cling film there, too. The quality is good, and I’ve been happy with every product we bought there so far.

What we like even more is that occasionally we get Poundland vouchers – money off our next shop! Since we shop there anyway, we use these discount vouchers most of the time.

I got a free haircut

That’s right, I got a free haircut and no, I didn’t let my partner cut my hair. Instead, I went to a hair salon to have it done. You see, top hair salons in London offer free haircuts from time to time, but the person cutting your hair will be a trainee, and you have to book well in advance. The slots to choose from are from Monday to Friday only, usually in the mornings, too.

It took the girl cutting my hair just under an hour to finish what she was doing, but I didn’t mind – last time I went to a hair salon was back in December, and my hair needed some attention. I didn’t have to shell out over £40 for my haircut and a blow dry which was a huge bonus!

We exchanged points into vouchers

Whenever we shop at Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s, we scan our loyalty card and collect points. Last week, I exchanged 2,000 Sainsbury’s points into a £20 voucher. We used this voucher to buy some baby products that we needed.

It takes a bit of time to accrue enough points but it’s definitely worth it! Apart from big supermarkets, we also collect points whenever we shop at Boots.

To Conclude

We saved around £100 last week alone, which I am very happy about! We also spent less on groceries and entertainment, and we are on track to stay within our budget this month. I quite enjoy looking for ways to save money and cannot wait to try out more money saving ideas which I will share on the blog soon.

Did you get to save money last week? Please share your money saving ideas in the comments below.
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5 Ways We Saved Money Last Week

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  1. I’m a fan of nixing paper towels too. For as long as I’ve been married, we pretty much only use them when we have guest over because all too often they’ll ask for a napkin and look at us like we’re crazy if we hand them our cloth ones. Overall, I’ll keep a few from a birthday party or two and save them for our next gathering. These are all great ways to cut back on spending!

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