3 Things I’m not Willing to Give Up or Save Money On

Recently, I’ve been doing some thinking and reflecting back on the past four months. Back in May, I made one of the most important decisions of my life: to get out of debt and start saving for my future. To be able to make this happen, I had to cut back on some things (rent, groceries) and cut out other things completely (magazines, take away food). I’m not going to lie, this transition to a frugal lifestyle hasn’t been very easy. I’m keeping positive though because I know that I have to do this if I want to get out of debt fast.

Still, there are some things that I’m simply not willing to reduce the cost of for a number of reasons, and today I thought I’d share some of them with you.


I guess this one goes without saying. I won’t compromise my health for the sake of saving a few pounds. Luckily, I didn’t have to visit my dentist in the past four months. That said, I’m due for a routine check up next month, and I will not miss it. In fact, I’ve already booked an appointment. They may say I need an appointment for a dental hygiene or a filling and if so, I won’t postpone this. Putting off visits to the dentist is not an option for me.

I also use one of the most expensive contact lenses on the market. They are silicone hydrogel ones and cost a lot more than regular ones, but they’re overall better for you and can be used for up to 15 hours each day. I also do regular eye and contact lens check-ups, which can cost quite a bit, but this is not something I’m willing to put off.


Giving up travelling is not realistic for me. I am not willing to give up travelling for a couple of years while I am working hard to pay off debt. I’ve always loved to travel, and I used to go away more or less every two months, even if it was a weekend trip to Paris. Perhaps, this is because I used to work for an airline at a busy airport or because I started travelling at a very young age.

There is something about packing a suitcase, going to the airport, boarding an aircraft, landing in the city I have never been to before, exploring, experiencing, discovering… that I cannot live without. These are the memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Some people who I met during my travels have become very good friends, and despite the fact some of them live in different parts of the world, we keep in touch, and I’m sure we’ll see each other one day!


Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “I am not rich enough to buy cheap things”. I live by it. I am not a Primark or Forever 21 kinda gal. There is nothing wrong with these shops, and a lot of people shop there religiously. I just don’t like the idea of buying something to wear once or twice (if I’m lucky) before it’s time to chuck it away. I don’t need 20 pairs of jeans costing £10 a pair; I need one quality pair that will last me a lifetime (okay, maybe more than one pair but I’m sure you get my point).

I don’t mind paying for quality. I have clothes from 10 years ago (no kidding!) in a very good condition that I still wear today. All my handbags are expensive but then again, most of them I’ve had for years. The only high street brand that I really like is ZARA. Their quality may not be as good, but it’s decent and all of my office attire is from ZARA. I actually believe that by buying more expensive clothes that last for years, I’ve saved myself a ton of money!

What about you? What are the things that you’re not willing to give up or save money on?

Thing I'm not Willing to Give Up or Save Money On - Girl Counting Pennies

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  1. I would say exactly the same things for me!

    One additional thing I would add in is that I don’t and won’t compromise spending on my family and closest friends. As in if I want to buy them a gift (within reason), I won’t hesitate. Or if a good friend wants to go out, I’ll spend the money to go out.
    Steve recently posted…The Problem with Mutual FundsMy Profile

  2. The only one for me I’d agree with is health. I would not compromise that. I would give up traveling and nice clothes (I shop at target or other discount stores most of the time and wear them to death). One thing I would not give up is my safety, or being miserable where I’m living. So the two go fairly hand in hand in LA, as unless you have a roommate, living by yourself in a cheap place usually does compromise your safety. And I’m 42 so I really don’t want a roommate at this point in my life. Unless it’s my future hubby. 🙂
    Budget and the Beach recently posted…Link Love/Week in Review 9/27/13My Profile

    1. Safety is very important to me too. But what I realised is that I can live in a safe area of London without paying a lot of money like I used to! I don’t want a flatmate either, but it’s near to impossible in London not to have one. Unless you are willing to pay over 50% of your salary on rent! I don’t mind one flatmate but no more than that!
      Eva @ Girl Counting Pennies recently posted…3 Things I am not Willing to Give Up or Save Money OnMy Profile

  3. I wouldn’t put my health in danger, but I would surely give up fancy clothes and travels, if I was in debt and had to pay it. Health can become in itself a ‘liability’, if you’re trying to save too much money and not take care of it, but travels and clothing can wait for 2-3 years, until I’d be clear of my debt.

    Am now debt free and have some nice savings and even so I don’t buy expensive clothing, there’s a lot of good quality stuff I can purchase and not pay 3-4 times for it. We do love to travel and it’s one of the things we have ‘invested’ quite a lot in the past months/years.
    dojo recently posted…Top Things to Do in IstanbulMy Profile

  4. I definitely agree with health but sadly travelling and clothes are something that I’ve had to put on the back burner while I’ve been paying down my debt. The only thing I won’t let debt stop me from doing is planning a wedding. I won’t go into MORE debt for it but I want a nice wedding 🙂

  5. I agree completely. With health I just purchased an amazing pair of trainers, sports bra for quite s bit of cash. But worth it for my running!

    And I’m a fan of expensive and cheaper clothes…but the expensive stuff lasts. And I like to travel!!

    Many shared views. Hope you are getting on okay with getting out of debt..I’ve helped many friends if you need help.

    lynn (mrs mummypenny)

  6. Health is definitely really important! I wear contact lenses too and they are a must have for me. I’m not so great at going to the dentist though, that’s on my to do list.

    Aside from that, the only thing I can’t really give up is the odd treat or experience that I can do with my little girl such as going to play centres or a trip out to the zoo. For example when she’s at school, I’m going to make sure she gets to go on all the school trips and that she can make of the most of them. I’m quite happy to go without a lot of things but I want to make sure she has a fun filled, enriching (not too expensive) childhood! 🙂
    Hayley @ A Disease Called Debt recently posted…Friday’s Fab Links #10My Profile

  7. If I were heavily in debt I would give up buying clothes and travel. Health is a no brainer and no one should compromise their health to save a few bucks.

    3 things I wouldn’t give up is health, expenses related to my children (such as schooling, their extra curricular activities, clothing etc.) and investing in myself such as anything that will improve my mental health and wellbeing or advance my career and lead to higher income.
    Kylie Ofiu recently posted…9 ways to advertiseMy Profile

  8. I definitely agree with Health…you might save a little by avoiding the doctor, but in the end you’ll often end up paying more. In my mind, the health category also includes safety. I purchased a car (used) which had most of the latest safety features as I find that important…especially with a baby on board.
    Andrew@LivingRichCheaply recently posted…Monday Update and RoundupMy Profile

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